Creation, Graphics & Industrial Design

With its integrated design studio and close collaboration with the most important designers in the industry, Azurtis has earned a name for itself and has won client loyalty through the originality and quality of its designs and products.

Product Development & Industrial Feasibility Study

Following design of the concept and drawing up a strict and precise technical specification, the project moves into the phase of industrial analysis (technical development, pricing, artwork, scheduling, etc…).

Formulation, Compliance & Regulatory Detail

Azurtis also manages formulation (perfumes and cosmetics) and all legal and administrative procedures for its clients. All products are fully compliant with European and international regulations and are exportable world-wide.

Production & Logistics

With its purchasing and production teams and close supplier partnerships, Azurtis sources and finances for its clients all the components necessary for the manufacture of finished products. From production plan, to packaging, and quality control, our experienced staff manage each step of production through to the delivery of the finished products.